Business Presentation Tips

Want the best business presentation? Have a look at these 5 best practices.

Having a business presentation can be a very stressing, and therefore, a very difficult situation but it’s something that we must all do if we want to make our businesses flourish. So, we should get used to that idea and conquer our stage fear, no matter how grand it may be. In my career, I have done many presentations, and I can only say that I’ve gotten better with practice but at first I was helpless, so here are a few tips I’ve learned on the road, I hope you find them useful for your own business. Happy presentations!

1. Choosing an amazing software: Back in the day, one could only dream to master the delicate art of Power Point to create a slideshow for your business presentation. One could create great graphics and add very cool headlines but in my opinion at least, Power Point is just not dynamic enough. Not long ago, I discovered Prezi, a fantastic software that allowed me to deliver a much more engaging presentation that dazzled my clients. Its mobile graphics make it a much more interactive and friendlier software, to my taste and it is not the only one available in the market. Have a look at the different softwares out there and impress your clients by doing things differently to what they are accustomed to. It takes a little time to learn it but you’ll have no regrets once you’ve mastered it.

2. Being assertive is key: This can be a little tricky to achieve but once you’ve found that place where you feel comfortable with yourself, then you shouldn’t have any problem. Being assertive is all about demonstrating flexibility, while at the same time, showing that you’re firm in your own convictions. Just relax, and be sure that you have a product that is necessary for your clients and that their business is important to you as well.

3. Eye contact and your audience: Having a presentation is a lot like being on a performance stage, one has to keep louring people’s attention and the best way to that is by addressing them directly. If you feel that you’re loosing your audience’s interest, try to find the most distracted one and talk to that person directly, as if you were giving your presentation only to that person. Once you’ve recovered your audience’s attention start addressing everyone else.

4. Avoid reading in presentations: This is a personal choice. In my experience, I have learned that keeping your eyes on your audience instead of your notes is far more effective. From my perspective as an audience, I think a presenter that keeps his or her eyes in their notes is unprofessional and rude, so try to avoid it. PRM can help you with your graphic design to make your presentation stand out with infographics or even an animated video.

5. Suit up!: This is a trick I learned from Byron Read, who told me that suiting up has nothing to do with a power trip, but it has to do with the formality of a business meeting. Your clients need to know that you will take their business seriously and a formal suit can say that about you and much more. Turtle necks are now trendy in business meetings but I honestly rather a person in a suit, makes me want to be as ambitious as they are, but it’s a personal choice.

Thank you for reading this and next time you’re trying to find a London Advertising Agency, I hope you consider PRM. Perhaps we can discuss our meeting experiences and compare notes.