Now that the nights are getting longer and the weather is getting colder, it is time to start getting prepared for the holidays.

For marketing departments across the country, this means beginning to enact holiday marketing campaigns, hoping to tap into the festivities of the season to create connections with their target audience.

When it comes to Christmas marketing strategies, the power of email marketing cannot be overstated. This is why, as an early present, we at Positive Results Marketing have compiled a list of email marketing tips to see you through the holidays.

Be Prepared

It is never too soon to start planning out your holiday emails. Planning ahead gives you more time to tweak and perfect your content and avoids you having to rush during one of the busiest periods of the year.

You should also be spending time before the festive period conducting research. Taking the time to find out what the predicted trends are for this Christmas, how much people are likely to spend, what they’re going to spend it on and when, will help you craft precise email content that people will actually want to receive.   

Keep it focused

As Christmas gets closer, more businesses than you could count will be sending out scores of festive themed emails to as many people as they can. The last thing that you want happening is for your emails to get lost in all this noise, and end up being ignored.

To avoid this, make sure you hone your target market as much as you possibly can. Your mantra should be quality over quantity. Look to create personalised emails that appeal to specific customers individually, offering bonuses based on their past purchase history so your emails will have appeal.

Redecorate tastefully

If you are sending out emails about Christmas it makes sense that those emails look festive, but it is important to remember that less is more. Because people will most likely be receiving many festive emails, you need to make sure your emails fit in with the theme without looking over the top or gaudy.

If you have revamped your webpage or social media channels to look more festive, then make sure you tailor your emails so that they have a similar look and feel, to boost your brand cohesion.

Decide if festive marketing is right for your business

Although the festive period represents a great opportunity for businesses to up their marketing game and potentially reach a higher audience than other times of year, it is important to realise that not every business will suit a festive marketing campaign.

There is no point running an exhaustive (and costly) holiday marketing campaign if the customers who click through to your website find nothing that is relevant to them for the festive period.

Hopefully, with these tips you’ll be able to craft an email marketing campaign that really works for you over the holiday period. For more marketing tips and tricks, visit Positive Results Marketing now.