Free Internet Marketing Techniques That Will Boost Your Online Business

Greatest things in life are 100% free.

Greatest things in life are no cost, as much would say. This especially is valid by way of efforts in promoting one’s products or services. With free of charge affiliate marketing services, one can certainly save a lot. Instead of shelling out for the promotion element of your product or services, that amount of money could be place to other essential components of your business since various information websites right now provide knowledge concerning website marketing services that incorporates no price tag at all.

Free of charge ways to make your products and services end up being in their virtually all noticeable form.

This is not to inform you that you need to put greater focus on simple online marketing techniques. It still will do your business a lot fantastic if you mix classic advertisement initiatives which include classic and fresh marketing media. In this article, I will show you a few of the 100% free solutions that you could utilize to make your products and services be in their all visible, thus saleable, type.

1. Showcase your business throughout no cost search engine submission and optimization.

Post your internet site to numerous search engines each month. This will make a lot more people discover that your site is truly present. Using for the best search engines will certainly help a lot in this effort.

2. Boost your content articles.

Keep in mind that articles with very good keyword content is a traffic bringer to websites. This time it’s regarding making these content benefit your web page considerably better by using keyword suggestion methods that are provided for free of charge. Upgrade your web site’s content by frequently looking at the popularity of your keywords with the current marketplace.

3. Get 100% free content.

If you have no time to boost the SEO or search engine optimization friendliness of your content articles, you can easily look for free content coming from article directories. All you require to do is retain the resource box of all those write-ups.

4. Acquire no cost extensive website traffic analysers.

These are generally methods that you could very well make use of without costing you a cent. Your website’s hits figures will be created by this kind of web marketing instrument for your very own analysis.

5. Learn about changing web design templates.

You don’t have to be very techie-geeky to be able to style your web site. Often, web design templates or modified layouts are obtainable for the Online marketer to use.

6. Monitor your online site’s presence.

Methods just like search engine position trackers might be utilized to observe your website’s ranking. These procedures are very easy to use so long as you bear in mind that you work with and make an effort to learn their use for your very own advantage. Simply don’t get addicted with your accomplishments when you finally find out how to employ them and include them in your Website marketing feat.

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How Can You Use Snapchat Help Your Business?

The world of social media changes so dramatically and so quickly that it can seem almost impossible to keep up.

It wasn’t that long ago that unsigned bands were being discovered on MySpace, and people were creating virtual versions of themselves to socialize on Habbo Hotel.

Flash forward to today, and the global dominance of Facebook seems to be on the wane, having lost almost 3 million users under the age of 25 during 2017. Meanwhile, if there is one social media platform that seems to be exponentially growing without end, it is Snapchat.

Yes, the picture sharing platform is more popular than ever, especially with younger users. So this is the perfect time to use Snapchat to try and grow your businesses and reach out to a large number of potential new customers.

If you’re looking to use Snapchat to help your business grow, but are unsure where to start, just look through our top tips to help you on your way:

Extend the reach of live events

If you are hosting a live event, you want as many people to be able to see it as possible, even those who aren’t able to make it to the event itself. This is where Snapchat is perfect, as it can give people an authentic, fly on the wall view on the live event no matter where they are.

Take advantage of this to extend the reach of your milestones and product launches to as many people as you possibly can.

Embrace your story

It is part of the nature, and one of the unique appeals, of Snapchat that the content on it is transitory. Images and videos disappear from the site after they have been viewed, and posts only stay on your Story feed for 24 hours.

This is why it is important to update your story a couple of times each day, as this ensures that you stay relevant and fresh in people’s minds on the platform.

Be personal

Company Snapchat accounts are often more personal and intimate than their other social media accounts, and with good reason. Giving customers a more personal experience, and allowing them to peek “behind the curtain” of your company helps build more personal connections with them, strengthens your brand, and builds up trust in your company as a whole.

Work with influencers

The more personal nature of Snapchat makes it perfect for working with influencers who your audience know and respect. Have the influencers post on your account, link to it, or even take over your whole feed for a day.

Look for influencers who are experts in the same field as your business or product, and their high standing will add legitimacy to your company in the eyes of your followers.

Link Your Snapchat With Your Other Social Media Accounts

Your marketing channels will often be working best when they are working together. This is why you should make sure your Snapchat account is highlighted on your other social media channels. This helps drive followers to your Snapchat, making sure your content ios viewed by as many people as possible.

How Internet Marketing Helps Your Business Earn Recognition

In the present scenario, due to fierce competition, it has become tough to market the product on any platform. It is getting hard to attract the customers due to severe jostling among the competitors. But it is necessary to market the product to develop the business. Even a brand requires proper advertising; otherwise, it can lose craze among its targeted audience.

Internet Marketing is the most effective key to grow your small business to a large-scale. It will help you in gaining the robust presence on the online platform. An SEO company will help you in building a connection with the audience, which can earn you an incredible acknowledgment in the industry. Consequently, it will generate leads and improve the sales of your products and services in an efficient way.

Techniques To Develop Your Business With Effective Internet Marketing

  • Drive The Audience With SEO: SEO is one of the important techniques, which uses for the promotion of your website. Without it, you cannot imagine gaining rank on the search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing, which cannot allow your business to establish its feet in the market for a long time. Thus, it helps you to drive the traffic to your website, which can help your business in generating a lump sum amount of revenue with a small investment.
  • Gain High Visibility With PPC: Pay Per Click allows your website gaining high customer viewership, which ultimately brings your product to the top page of the search engines. Your product will display in the form of an ad with the search results, which will entice the customers to click on it. As a result, it will increase the views of the users, which can also convert in the selling of your product.
  • Engage The Users On Social Media Platforms: Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest are the most effective medium to attract the customers to your product. By using these channels, you can earn a large base of the fans of your business product. You can also consult an internet marketing professional if you want to manage the promotion of your products and services effectively.
  • Attract Your Audience With Interactive Content: Content Marketing is a strategy which can engage the customers to go through the entire website. A web development expert will decorate the website with an impressive content, which can improve the ranking of your site.

These are a few techniques, which will definitely help your business to grow in the online world. If you want to take your venture to the peak of success and set a benchmark, then it is essential to discuss your entire queries with a digital marketing agency. It will understand your business idea and perform the tasks according to it.

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How Can Instagram Help My Business?

When it comes to using social media to help market your business, you have probably seen countless tips and tricks for how to best make Facebook and Twitter work for you. You’re probably also seeing more and more information about how to make Snapchat work for you.

But one social media platform that tends to not get as much attention from marketing strategists is Instagram. Yes, this is in spite of the fact that the photo and video sharing network is one of the biggest currently operating, with over 800 million active users.

We at Positive Results Marketing think this is a mistake. If utilized properly, Instagram can serve as a real boon to the marketing strategy for your business.

Here are our top tips for how to use Instagram to help your business:

Set yourself up right

If you are only just getting around to setting up an Instagram account for your business, but already have a well-established presence on other platforms like facebook and twitter, be sure to link them with your new Instagram. This is important because it allows you to publish posts across multiple platforms simultaneously. It also means you can direct your followers from your established account towards your new Instagram.

Your bio is an opportunity to not only present what your business is in an interesting manner, but also to provide additional contact information and links to your sites.

Get creative

Given the visual nature of all content posted on Instagram, aesthetics are very important when it comes to effective marketing strategies on the platform. Instead of viewing this as an obstacle though, think of it as an opportunity to flex your creative muscles. Make content that focuses on the solutions you can offer, as opposed to simply the products you sell. If your business has a unique selling point, make sure you make this the focus of your photos and videos.

Get personal

Instagram is also one of the best places to allow customers a “peek behind the curtain” at the culture of your company. Have your workers take over your account for the day, offering an inside look at how the business operates. Or try posting photos and videos that show the whole lifecycle of your product being made.

This is a great opportunity to create personal connections between your company and your consumers, which in turn strengthens your brand.

Embrace influencers

We’ve spoken about influencer marketing in the past, and, recent high profile slip ups aside; influencer marketing remains a great, time honoured way to build up a large following, and is in many ways perfectly suited to Instagram.

Don’t be afraid to reach out to popular influencers and ask them if they would post about your products / services, or even take over your account for a day. Just remember, honesty and transparency are vital to effectively utilize influencers, and look for trusted experts in the same industry as your business, as this will give your partnership more impact.

Adwords Management

What Does It Mean To Be A Google Partner

Let’s be honest, whenever we talk about search engines, there’s really always one that is the first you think of: Google. Yes, for better or worse, Google has risen to be far and away the number one search engine in all of our lives.

So it is no wonder, with Google being such a powerful search engine, that businesses devote so many resources to getting their website to the top of the results page, and to taking advantage of Google’s AdWords advertising system.

But when every marketing agency and department has its own strategies and methods purported to help shoot your site up Google’s search results rankings, and drive untold levels of customers to your site, it can be hard to know who actually has the goods to give your company the results you’re looking for.

Well, Google clearly understands your frustration, and in order to make it easier for you to see which marketing businesses are as good as they claim to be at running successful AdWords campaigns, Google have introduced Partner badges.

How does a company get a Google Partner badge?

First of all, it is important to note that there are two levels in the Google Partner program: The first badge you can receive is a standard Google Partner badge, and the second is a Premier Google Partner badge. The requirements for the Premier Partner badge are naturally higher than those for the standard one.

Specifically, a company wanting a Partner Badge first needs to create a Partners company profile. They also need to demonstrate they have advanced AdWords knowledge by having at least two employees certified in AdWords. Google will also assess spending to make sure the company has a healthy amount of activity and that the company is able to demonstrate considerable ad revenue and customer base growth.

Additionally, once a company has earned their badge, their performance will be reviewed by Google periodically to make sure they are still meeting the requirements to maintain their Partner badge


Benefits of working with a Google Partner

When you choose to work with a Google Partner, you are making sure that the marketing and advertising agency is one that has a proven track record of delivering results. You’ll know that you are working with people who are certified AdWords experts.

Google’s policy of continually reviewing their partners means that you know you’ll be getting consistency as well as quality.

Google Partner’s also get access to beta features sometimes more than a year before they are rolled out to the rest of the world, giving you a real chance of getting a leg up on your competition by giving you access to tools your competition has no chance of using.

To find out what a Google Certified Partner can do for your business, visit Positive Results Marketing now!

Does Organic Search Engine Optimization Really Work For My Website?

Does Organic Search Engine Optimization Really Work For My Website?

If you go back a few years and look at blog posts about market tips – kind of like this post – you’ll probably see them going on about one thing and one thing only: search engine optimization (SEO). It seems like getting to the top spot on Google’s results page was the only thing that matters.

Fast forward to today, and things are a little different. Social media marketing across platforms like Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram; to partnering with influencers and internet celebrities, digital marketing has diversified greatly over the past few years, and for the most part, that’s a good thing.

But unfortunately, in some cases this means that too much attention has been taken away from improving organic search engine rankings. If your business is doing this, you’re making a mistake and the marketing prowess of businesses could be suffering as a result.

In case you’ve forgotten what it means, organic SEO is an umbrella term referring to the unpaid methods used to boost your results on a given search engine – mostly Google – result page. These include methods such as valuing high quality, well written content, back linking and using keywords, as well as more unscrupulous methods, like link farming.

Here’s why we think you should still make organic SEO a large part of your marketing strategy:


It’s cheap

Who among us doesn’t love a bargain? Well, compared to pay-per-click ads or social media campaigns, the cost of organic SEO methods is much more competitive: zero pounds. Once you’ve put the work in to organically improve your search engine ranking, you gain a huge upper hand over those who rely more heavily on pay-per-click ads.


It’s very effective

Even though less and less attention is being paid to organic SEO, time and again studies have shown it to be one of, if not the most effective method of delivering relevant traffic to your site.


It gives you staying power

We all know that ensuring your website receives a high volume of traffic is important. But while paid ads and social media often generate a lot of traffic, these are people who only visit one or two pages, and don’t stick around your site for long.

Effective organic SEO, on the other hand, means that you may have several hits at the top of a search engine’s results page, meaning you are more likely to have traffic that lands and stays on your site.


It can build brand trust

How often can you say that you visit the second page of search results when you look something up using a search engine? How often do you even get more than halfway down the first page? The answer to both is likely to be very rarely, if ever. This is because we intrinsically have a level of trust for the websites that we see at the top of a search engine’s results page.

Remember, even though we think organic SEO is an important and effective marketing tool, it is still only one of many tools at your disposal. The best marketing strategies around are always those that include a healthy mix of all the different marketing platforms and techniques, as these are the ones that will ensure as many people as possible hear about your website.

Just make sure that organic SEO is a part of that mix.