Why Internet Marketing Is Important?

With the prevalence of technology, people across the globe are spending more and more time “staying connected” through their digital presence, the scenario is so morphed that earlier when guests used to come they asked the host for a glass of water but now the first thing they ask is “Wi-Fi password”.

Marketing has witnessed a paradigm shift in the way it approaches the customer. It doesn’t mean just the change of medium of deliverance from television, billboards, newspapers to internet, but change the very inert nature of advertising. The likes of Steve Jobs has taught us that “One has to market precisely, to the right people, in the right way, at the right time.”

An engaging website and social media profile are invaluable to your company’s business. Consumers want to know what you’re doing; they feel more comfortable purchasing from a business with which they feel familiar. Above all, it’s important to know your audience. Social media usage differs according to gender, and depending on your target audience, there may be a specific site that’s right for your business.

According to 2015 Pew Research Center data:

• 77 percent of women use Facebook vs. 66 percent of men

• 44 percent of women use Pinterest vs. 16 percent of men

• 31 percent of women use Instagram vs. 24 percent of men

• LinkedIn usage is equal between men and women (26 percent vs. 25 percent)

• 25 percent of men use Twitter vs. 21 percent of women

In addition to knowing on which social media sites to advertise according to your target market, it’s necessary to determine the right time of day. HubSpot reveals there’s a peak exposure time for posting on the following platforms:


• 12 p.m. – 1 p.m. on weekends

• 3 p.m. – 4 p.m. on Wednesdays

• 1 p.m. – 4 p.m. on Thursdays and Fridays


• 12 p.m. – 3 p.m. Monday through Friday

• 5 p.m. – 6 p.m. on Wednesdays


• 7:30 a.m. – 8:30 a.m., 12 p.m. and 5 p.m. – 6 p.m. on Tuesday, Wednesday and


• 10 a.m. – 11 a.m. on Tuesday


• 2 a.m. – 4 a.m. and evening hours daily

• 5 p.m. on Friday

• 8 p.m. – 11 p.m. on Saturday


• Any time day and night Monday through Thursday, with the exception of 3 p.m. – 4 pm

Online, one has to market quickly and efficiently; people are often trying to get to the content they really want to see, and your ad is standing in the way. Say what you do, what you offer, and why you’re the best in a clear, succinct manner is where we come into picture.

We firmly believe that marketing is as important as making the product.

Six advantages of Internet marketing are:


Internet marketing enables you to be open for business for 24*7 without worrying about staff and the physical presence of stores. Offering your products on the Internet is also convenient for customers. They can browse your online store at any point in day reaching through it with a device of size of a palm.


By marketing on the Internet, you can overcome barriers of distance. You can sells goods anywhere across the globe as long as you can target the market you feel will respond. You can also build an export business without opening a network of distributors in different countries. However, if you want to sell globally, you should use localization services to ensure that your products are suitable for local markets and comply with local business regulations. Localized services include translation and product modification to reflect local market differences.


Marketing products on the Internet costs less than marketing them through a physical retail outlet. You don’t’ require a physical place for rental or maintenance. You do not have to purchase stock for display in a store. You can order stock in line with demand, keeping your inventory costs low.


Internet marketing enables you to personalize offers to customers by building a profile of their purchasing history and preferences. By tracking the web pages and product information that prospects visit, you can make targeted offers that reflect their interests. The information available from tracking website visits also provides data for planning cross-selling campaigns so that you can increase the value of sales by customer.


The Internet provides an important platform for building relationships with customers and increasing customer retention levels. When a customer has purchased a product from your online store, you can begin the relationship by sending a follow-up email to confirm the transaction and thank the customer. Emailing customers regularly with special, personalized offers helps to maintain the relationship. You can also invite customers to submit product reviews on your website, helping to build a sense of community.


Internet marketing enables you to take advantage of the growing importance of social media. A pattern has been observed where there is link between social networking and online revenue growth. According to the experts, a group of consumers that responded most strongly to the influence of social networks generated increased sales of around 5 percent. You can take advantage of this type of influence by incorporating social networking tools in your Internet marketing campaigns.

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Top Best Practices in Internet Marketing

Technology has dominated almost every household and establishment, thus the corporate world is continuously challenged to adapt with such innovations. Gone are the days when simple and conventional promotional strategies are enough to secure customer patronage. To withstand the prevailing competition, it’s best to familiarize oneself with the latest trend in advertising – Internet marketing.

Internet marketing defined

Contrary to traditional offline means of promotions, Internet marketers capitalize on the large audience a single ad could reach. One’s options are significantly vast. Let’s look at the basic foundations of Internet Marketing:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Given a specific term, search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing will rank website contents based on relevance. This technique involves strategic placement and density of related words to boost the visibility of one’s page. To maximize SEO, it’s best to complete your site with appropriate keywords, high quality content, quick loading time, images, and videos.
  • Content Marketing – This involves the establishment of a brand’s identity through providing brief yet comprehensive details about an offered product or service. Such approach is believed to boost a potential customer’s trust and reliance on a company. Grammar, composition, and quality are essential factors to make Content Marketing a success.
  • Social Media Marketing – While most people see social media as a mere communication tool, Internet marketers consider it an opportunity to connect with active netizens. Sites such as Twitter and Facebook allow the creation of pages or accounts that can advertise your products and services. In addition, they also offer packages in which the visibility of your posts can be boosted in exchange for a certain price.

Exclusive advantages of Internet Marketing

  • Large scope – One online promotional material can potentially have a global audience. Contrary to traditional marketing that can only reach clients near your area, that of Internet marketing are significantly larger in scope.
  • Flexible and simultaneous – Online marketing can accommodate numerous potential clients all at once. For instance, a web data base can provide relevant information to a limitless audience as compared to a telemarketer that can only deal with one.
  • 24 hours marketing – Promoting your products and services on the Internet are not restricted with time constraints. Even when your operations are closed for the day, online advertisements still continue doing what it is designed for – attracting more customers.
  • Lower costs – Zero capital is needed when you plan to create a social media account for your business or when you opt to put up a personalized blog. In contrast, offline marketing such as mass media ads, posters, and flyers can be rather costly.
  • Precision marketing – Specialized forms of Internet marketing allows you to customize who specifically your ad will be visible to. This can be based on varied factors such as location, gender, age, and interests.

Customer segmentation – Internet marketing also allows you to collect details about users who made contact with your advertisement. These information can be maximized in deciding what aspect of your product or service must you improve to better satisfy the needs and wants of specific customers.

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Improve Your Internet Marketing Effortlessly With The Top SEO Tools

No website in the modern world can do without Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It is what keeps websites afloat and most importantly, visible in search engine rankings. But in the extremely tough demands of the competitive online world, producing fast SEO results becomes too much of a pressure. That’s why a lot of businesses and their SEO teams have turned to the top SEO tools.

The best SEO tools make the SEO process a fast one through the following features:

  • Identifying effective keywords
  • Reliable and Quality Link Building
  • Regular monitoring of websites to ensure consistent SEO

The following top SEO software has garnered a lot of plaudits from various online businesses.


SEOProfiler is a combination of various SEO tools that aid in improving search engine rankings. The tools are automated and provide fast results. Thanks to its on-site optimization tools, website coding and layout can be significantly improved. As a result, your website stands a greater chance of being recognized by search engines. The keyword research tool ensures that your website’s content has just the right keywords to take your website to the very top. Does your website suffer from a lack of customer interaction? SEO Profiler manages to take care of this through effective social media integration.

SEO Powersuite

Regarded as one of the best SEO tools, SEO Powersuite is a combined package of four Top SEO Software; Link Assistant, SEO Spyglass, The Rank Tracker, and The Website Auditor. SEO Powersuite is a favorite among both small and large businesses. Quality link building is ensured by Link Assistant, which also conducts competitive link research. SEO Spyglass is a tool used to perform research on competitors’ websites. The Rank Tracker suggests keywords and tracks search engine rankings for websites across the three leading search engines; Bing, Google, and Yahoo. If you want insight into your website’s key metrics, The Website Auditor would be there to help you out.


Over 500,000 people have been benefited by SEMrush’s SEO features, which include identifying relevant keywords, monitoring websites on a regular basis, identification and analysis of technical issues, and keeping an eye out for the moves of your competitors. SEMrush’s reputation as a Top SEO Tools stems mostly from the fact that it provides a detailed assessment of competitors in a really short time.


For a more structured way of handling your website’s SEO and marketing, trust WebCEO. Its highlight is its smart user interface, which makes the tool very easy to use. Through the comparison of keyword competition and popularity, WebCEO manages to find the most appropriate keywords for your website’s various pages. Repetitive tasks typically associated with SEO tools can be automated for a faster SEO experience.


iBusiness Promoter is the ultimate solution for businesses looking to establish their websites at the top of search engine rankings for a long time. IBP has garnered plenty of accolades over the years, and updates itself to stay in sync with the constantly updated search engine algorithms. IBP also provides specific on-page optimization tips to improve SEO performance.

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Can You Become a Professional Internet Marketing Consultant?

Becoming a professional internet marketing consultant is a

business opportunity that individuals who are well-versed in e-

business and internet marketing may be interested in pursuing. If

you are new to internet marketing, you could certainly become a

professional internet marketing consultant; however, a lot of

preparation is needed because providing professional services as

an internet marketing consultant requires knowledge and

experience with a variety of different types of internet


If you are interested in become a professional internet marketing

consultant you should analyze your internet marketing skills,

identify your strengths and weaknesses, and craft a plan for

educating yourself and strengthening your internet marketing

skills in areas that are lacking. Developing your expertise in

the field of internet marketing prior to offering services as an

internet marketing consultant is crucial.

As an internet marketing consultant you will come in contact with

a variety of clients with varying levels of knowledge about

business and internet marketing. Some will be completely new to

business and will need basic guidance from their internet

marketing consultant in regard to basic business matters as well

as entry-level internet marketing concepts. On the other hand,

you may have business professionals who are seasoned in business

and marketing but are clueless about internet marketing. Last but

not least are the e-business professionals who commission an

internet marketing consultant for research, planning and internet

marketing services including management of marketing campaigns.

As an internet marketing consultant you can provide full-service

consultations, or you can target specific internet marketing

areas in which you have gained expertise. Sometimes the latter is

best because not only is there less for you to learn which

enables you to truly provide expert services, but a narrowed

scope of services can also provide a niche market which gives you

potential for developing a thriving practice as an internet

marketing consultant.

Niche areas you may wish to pursue as an internet marketing

consultant include:

1. Market research

2. Preparation of marketing plans and/or business plans

3. Search engine optimization

4. Pay-per-click campaign management

5. Email marketing

6. Viral marketing

7. Link campaign management

8. Ezine advertising

9. Newsletter publishing

10. Distribution of expert articles

11. Media campaigns

12. Copywriting

13. Website development

14. Web hosting

15. Coaching services

16. Training and education

17. Publication of internet marketing books

18. Operation of a subscription service with

information about internet marketing

These are all services that an internet marketing consultant may

offer. The service menu for an internet marketing consultant may

focus on one specific type of internet marketing, a few different

types of services, or full-service internet marketing

consultation that includes all of the suggested services and even

more. While providing some of the service offerings would require

an internet marketing consultant to pursue self-development

opportunities through continuing education and experience, some

areas are easy to master without extensive experience or


When you specialize in a specific area of internet marketing, the

fact that you are specialized can actually build your credibility

as a professional internet marketing consultant. You can also

participate in online forums about internet marketing or publish

expert articles about internet marketing which can position you

as an expert in internet marketing consultant further building

trust and credibility which will enhance your business through

word of mouth referrals.

With the exception of web hosting, no expensive equipment is

needed to provide services as an internet marketing consultant.

To provide services as an internet marketing consultant you will

need access to various resources and publications which will keep

you abreast of changes in the internet marketing industry. Basic

computer equipment and some specialized software may also be

necessary. The most important factor to remember is – to be a

professional and credible internet marketing consultant you must

develop expertise in whichever area of internet marketing you

wish to consult in.

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Importance of Strategic Internet Marketing

It is very important for an internet business to develop its Internet marketing strategy. Unlike traditional marketing techniques, it is not easy for an internet business to develop a strategy, as the market is volatile and many top level executives have failed here without predisposed goals and objectives.

For years, many businesses have used the internet to market their products and services to reach their target customers.

• The internet has become the leading arena for shopping and purchases with the younger generation. People, who wish to make their purchases in retail stores, look into the internet for collecting product related information before making their shopping.

Therefore it is important for businesses, be it small and medium sized or a large enterprise to develop their online web portal and market their products through the online media as well, to reach a wider target audience.

If the business and product impresses people, they are automatically propagated to thousands of consumers, via social media which is a powerful tool than grapevine and word of mouth communication.

• Businesses can target their customers in a much better way through the internet. There are proved track records to monitor an record customer activity with the website, his searches, purchases etc., This analysis of the website traffic would enable the company to progress in the direction, their customers prefer.

This in turn enhances the services of the company and builds good brand reputation and brand loyalty. This information on customer preferences also enables the company to concentrate on better marketing techniques and strategies to flourish better in their business. This also promotes impulse buying. Consumer looking for a specific product is able to make the purchase from the comfort of his home within few key strokes. Also he is able to apply additional codes and coupons to avail discounts with the product.

All these happen through quick streamlined process motivating people to visit the website again and again for making more purchases. But care needs to be exerted while implementing the ‘buy now pay later’ strategy as it may leave the company with heavy debts.

• Internet marketing also enables companies to reduce inventory cost. There is no need for them to stock a huge number of stocks as that of retail shops to yield customer’s attention.

E-commerce websites merely carry the product description and pictures and order for real stocks only when a customer places an order. This enables business to save time and space.

Websites also can keep track of history of purchases made by other customers thereby increasing their review and customer rating, which has the potential to attract other customers. If products can be sent in the digital form, they can save a lot so shipping expenses. Money is also saved from paying customer support representatives, as all products related information is available on the product’s websites.

No doubt, it helps businesses to save a lot of overhead expenses while they still offer excellent service to their clients. Thus, it creates a global presence to the business and gives them an opportunity for worldwide marketing. Irrespective of the physical locations, businesses can propagate their business all through the world.

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SEO Tools to Improve Your Internet Marketing Efforts

If you’re striving to make your search marketing campaign well-organized and profitable, you’ll definitely need reliable SEO tools. Today the industry provides website owners with a bulk of internet marketing software that caters for a variety of their needs. Still choosing out of this diversity is not simple. This article is aimed at reviewing most popular SEO tools, both free and paid.

SEO tools might be divided into those from search engines and the third party ones.

SEO Tools Provided by Search Engines

The first group includes Google AdWords Keyword Tool, Google Webmaster Tools, Google Suggest, Yahoo! Site Explorer, and Yslow.

Google AdWords Keyword Tool

The tool is meant for attracting more pay-per-click advertising, giving you ideas about popular keywords, advertiser competition, and approximate search volume. You can apply this SEO tool to generate an optimal list of keywords, and then use them all through your website with higher occurrence.

Google Webmaster Tools

This software generates detailed reports on your pages’ visibility in Google and enables you to adjust your basic configuration setting. Armed with this software, you can add the latest versions of sitemaps, edit crawler access, adapt site links, change URLs, revise geographic targeting, preferred domain, and even crawl rate.

Google Suggest

This one generates 10 frequently searched for phrases based on the word you have specified.

Yahoo! Site Explorer

This tool allows studying pages indexed by Yahoo! search. It indicates the most popular pages from any site and tracks down the links pointing to your competitors, thus allowing you to request backlinks from the same resources.


This software is designed to help you speed up your page response time by pointing at the features that effect high performance. Based on 22 rules, Yslow analysis enables you to improve web page load time up to 50 percent.

3d Party Tools

Most efficient and renowned third party SEO tools reckon Majestic SEO, Wordstream, SEMRush and SEO Power Suite.

Majestic SEO

This link analysis tool utilizes its own website crawlers. Armed with Majestic SEO, you will be astonished with the wealth of data that is related to the backlinks: anchor text, history, domain and ACRank. Moreover, this SEO tool unveils true-to-life data, often misrepresented by large commercial search engines.


This program is aimed at maximizing your efforts for SEO and PPC campaigns. Unlike the free-of-charge Google AdWords and Google Suggest, this SEO tool makes use of diverse data coming from several major search engines and analyzes it. As a result, SEO professionals and website owners get to know specific keywords that searchers use to find their websites, add those words to their PPC campaigns in accord with the categorization rules they define.


This keyword and competitor research system provides reports on keywords, competition in organic and paid results, AdWords ad texts, potential ad buyers and sellers. The most powerful aspect of this tool is the ability to export data, specifically via the API.

SEO PowerSuite

The last but not least is SEO PowerSuite, a well-rounded toolkit that will help you with the multifaceted process of search engine optimization and considerably improve your website’s search engine performance. Comprising four separate programs – Rank Tracker, Website Auditor, SEO Spyglass and Link Assistant – SEO PowerSuite provides a most comprehensive approach to improving Internet marketing efforts.

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